Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Books In Hand

Okay, even though it was really cold for this southern girl to venture outside today, I did. I wanted to take a trip to Hobby Lobby to find the books I would need to start back tatting with. I found two that I purchased: Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step  written by Barbara Foster, which included inside the book a pack of 4 needles and a threader, and Learn To Tat by Janette Baker, which came with an instructional DVD.
So now I have no excuse not to relearn this beautiful art form! Well unless we discuss making time a major issue, so we aren't going to discuss that!

After returning home and finishing some daily chores that were put off this morning, I took some time to show my daughter-in-law how to make a basic granny square. She is learning to Crochet for the baby on the way. Time to sit down and watch my new DVD, yay. Oooops not yet. It seems that my computer and the DVD had a problem mixing together. I had to resort to getting my son to check why my computer would not allow me to view DVD's. It was something simple (some file missing) and he fixed it in a few minutes. I watched the DVD all the way through without trying to follow along first. I want to absorb a little education before I attempt anything! I glanced through both books. I read through the introductions and abbreviates associated with Tatting. I am determined to reteach myself how to Tat. 

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